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Following is the list of all of the Teams that are registered for the 2023 APL season. All these teams are owned by there team owners which they purchased during the auction. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us you have to register in order to be part of the Arizona Premiere League team where the players will be auctioned. Below is the brief summary of each teams. 




Team Owner : Mit Rohit

Team Owner : Sunil Patel

Team Owner : Sheraz Warraich

Team Owner : Varun G Ranganath

Team Owner : Balamurugan Muthu

2021 - Combine Champions

Team Owner : Elam Kuppusamy

2022 - Champions

Team Owner : Abhinav Koganti

2021  Combine Champions

Team Owner : Satish Pattisapu

Team Owner : Anand Indukiri

logo-transparent (1).png

Team Owner : Sachin Mahajan

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